Time to play piano...



The piano is known as the ‘King of the Instruments’ not only for it’s sheer size but it can also cover the entire orchestral range! Easily one of the most popular instruments for students of all ages, piano lessons bring extensive benefits including



  • Fine motor skill development


  • Improved coordination


  • A broad appreciation for a range of musical styles


  • Important life skills such as discipline, patience and perseverance


  • Enhanced creativity and self expression


  • Improved concentration and problem solving skills


At Tempo Allegro you can learn to play your favourite songs whilst gaining the technique and knowledge required to become the musician you want to be!


Private piano lessons are available for beginning to advanced students with our highly qualified instructors. Click here to meet our piano teachers! 


We offer private one-on-one tuition at our Mooloolaba studio. Lessons are available for both children and adults. Click here to book a trial lesson and discover your piano potential today! 

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