Set your singing voice free...



Singing is an innate and natural way of expressing ourselves. Each of us are born with our very own unique instrument and at Tempo Allegro we believe if you can speak you can sing. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced vocalist our singing lessons allow you to discover, explore and develop your voice in a supportive and fun atmosphere.


Our teachers value individuality and promote safe and healthy voice use through helping you understand how your voice works so you can achieve your musical goals. We understand every voice is different and our highly qualified teachers are dedicated to your vocal development and tailor lessons specifically to suit your needs and goals. Click here to meet our singing teachers!

Our singing lessons can help you...


  • Improve your intonation (pitch)


  • Develop breath connection and control


  • Extend your vocal range


  • Let go of tension


  • Improve vocal tone


  • Gain an understanding of how to use your voice healthily


  • Reduce vocal fatigue


  • Increase your confidence


  • Develop a natural and free speaking voice


  • Enhance your creativity, artistry and musicianship



We offer private one-on-one tuition at our Mooloolaba studio. Lessons are available for beginners to advanced for both children and adults. Click here to book a trial lesson and discover your singing voice today! 


For those looking to gain confidence and give singing a go in a fun and relaxed environment, Tempo Voices is a fun vocal group for singers over 18yrs. Meeting weekly in Buderim, it is a great way to enjoy singing with others and make new friends.